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} arcItem.class = 'msg-item-comment-alt-lines-light'; arcItem.title = "LiveChat"; arcItem.icon = ''; arcItem.color = '#547EFF'; arcItems.push(arcItem); arcuOptions = { wordpressPluginVersion: '1.8.8', buttonIcon: '', drag: false, mode: 'regular', buttonIconUrl: '', showMenuHeader: false, menuHeaderText: "How would you like to contact us?", showHeaderCloseBtn: false, headerCloseBtnBgColor: '#008749', headerCloseBtnColor: '#ffffff', itemsIconType: 'rounded', align: 'left', reCaptcha: false, reCaptchaKey: '', countdown: 0, theme: '#870606', buttonText: "Contact us", buttonSize: 'large', buttonIconSize: 24, menuSize: 'large', phonePlaceholder: '+XXX-XX-XXX-XX-XX', callbackSubmitText: 'Waiting for call', errorMessage: 'Connection error. Please refresh the page and try again.', callProcessText: 'We are calling you to phone', callSuccessText: 'Thank you.
We are call you back soon.', iconsAnimationSpeed: 600, iconsAnimationPause: 2000, callbackFormText: 'Please enter your phone number
and we call you back soon', items: arcItems, ajaxUrl: '', promptPosition: 'top', popupAnimation: 'fadeindown', style: '', itemsAnimation: 'downtoup', callbackFormFields: { phone: { name: 'phone', enabled: true, required: true, type: 'tel', label: '', placeholder: "+XXX-XX-XXX-XX-XX" }, }, action: 'arcontactus_request_callback' }; jQuery('#arcontactus').contactUs(arcuOptions); ga('create', '169372763', 'auto'); });
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